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Christian media such as Christian television, Christian websites, the Bible online, Christian newspapers, Christian radio and Christian podcasts. There is much here for anyone seeking spiritual inspiration and deepening in their Christian faith. Christian link directory is a collection of Christian link tips. Under these categories you will find lots of good Christian link tips. All with a focus on expanding your understanding of and experience of the Christian faith. Explore these links and find the perfect choice for your spiritual growth.

Select category of Christian media

Christian tv

Christian TV channels that broadcast programs in many languages, English, Arabic, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, French, Russian, Farsi, etc.

christian websites

Here you can read blogs, see special topics in a unique link directory. A lot to choose from.

The Bible online

Read the bible online in different languages. Easy to find and hit. You can listen to the entire Bible.

swedish Christian radio

Christian message with praise, music and faith. Channels that broadcast around the clock.
Christian podcasts
Christian podcasts is interesting conversations that help you grow in your faith.

Large selection of Christian media

Christian Media - Explore a variety of platforms such as Christian TV, radio, magazines and podcasts to deepen your faith and enrich your spiritual journey. Christian media can enrich and you get to enjoy inspirational teaching, news, worship and the Bible online.

Christian media

  • Christian television
  • Christian websites
  • The Bible online
  • Christian radio
  • Christian podcasts

About christian media

Christian media is needed as we in Sweden live in a constant media noise. We spend six hours a day consuming different types of media. 25 percent of all hours of the day are spent on newspapers, radio, television, internet, social media, podcasts and other media. Traditional media continue to make up the absolute largest part of media consumption. 

As a Christian, we should understand the importance of Christian values in various media. Of course, not everything offered in mainstream media is junk food. But the gospel is too good for us to keep to ourselves. And people live a large part of their lives in different media. 25 percent of their life, to be exact. That's why news from a Christian perspective, teaching biblical truths and transformed lives is important. Christian media allows a clear, objective and warm Christian voice to be heard in the huge media noise.

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