is a site to watch christian movies, documentaries, christian TV channels, testimonies, movies and the bible online.

Christian movies

Christian movies, biblical- and feel-good movies to watch online. They are in english and have subtitles in other languages. Click on the image.

The story of jesus

You've seen "The story of Jesus" right? It is a movie about the whole life of Jesus. It is available in many different languages.


Christian film based on a real event in a person's life. Filmed into a captivating drama that makes you think a little extra.


Christian tv channels

Christian channels in several languages. Direct link to the live broadcast.

Christian podcasts in englsh

Good podcasts that you can listen to whenever you want. 

The bible online

Read the Bible in several languages online, also the audio Bible.

Coloring for adult

Flowers, cupcakes, cakes, bible words, easter and christmas pictures.


Christian movies with Christian content

Flavia perez

When Flavia Perez was growing up, her father was in prison and her mother was unwell. It wasn't easy and she faced abuse and crime. God transformed her life.

Christian video

Christian video is interviews with different people. Spoken language is swedish but translation is available with subtitles.

Christian travel

Christian travel in the northern part of Sweden.  You can also find rekommendations from Finland, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Germany.

Christian testimony

Testimony from different people who tell about their life-defining moment when they meet Jesus. Spoken language is in english, subtitles are available.

Christian documentaries

Christian documentary about different human destinies. Life stories about defining moments and faith in God. Playlist to watch.

Funny videos

Funny videos from weddings and moments from churches that will make you laugh. Here you can find funny, cute, sweet christian videos. 

near death experience

Near-death experiences are testimony from the other side. It is experienced by someone who has been close to death. Playlist with different people narrating

Moody science videos

"Moody's institute" makes christian documentaries with facts from science and nature. The movies are from the 50s but has good content. Subtitles are available.

Carl-Gustaf serverin

Carl-Gustaf Severin is a missionary and evangelist who travel in different countries. When Russia was opening, it became his life. Watch the playlist with teachings. with christian movies wants to present Christian faith in a simple and fun way. We have good Christian movies, documentaries and movies about how people who became christians. You will also find the Bible online and the Bible as an audiobook. Christian links are available to television channels, radio stations, websites and podcasts. Christian movies are available in English. "The story of Jesus" is available in many languages. We have also funny videos, christian travel and coloring pages for adults. Testimony from people about faith. On the top of the menu you can choose between different categories or click on an image to see a movie or something else.


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Coloring for adults

Great coloring pages for adults that are a bit more difficult coloring pages.


Coloring pages for adults with animals. Coloring pages with motives like; cat, bird, fox, deer, elephant, horse, dog, owl and fish.

Proverbs & Bible Words

Color beautiful proverbs and Christian Bible words. They have a beautiful pattern and texts in both swedish and english.

flowers & Mandalas

Coloring pages with flowers and mandalas online. Color flowers, nature, flower heart, trees, mushrooms and round mandalas.

all coloring pages

Coloring pages with motives like - flowers, mandalas, cupcakes, cakes, proverbs, bible words, easter and christmas pictures.