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Websites with Christian content. Christian websites in ABC order with help & sponsor organisations, films, reports, testimonies, christian hotels. Link directory of good Christian websites where each one has a slightly different profile. There is a Christian website with a special focus on the country of Israel, mission and film.

christian websites - catalog

Christian website with documentary, testimony, christian movies and videos, christian link tips, bible online.

FoCus israel

A page about Israel with education, news and other reports about the country.

hope for this nation

Hope for this nation wants to see revival in Sweden. Together with christians in different places they; praise, teaching, evangelism and so on.

star of hope

Aid organization that has sponsors, education and disaster relief.


Israel State Tourist Board. Good website with a lot of information about the whole country of Israel.

kgh - Christian Camp farms and hotel in sweden

KTH offers living in a Christian environment. There is camping and different price levels of rooms. Activity programs may be available.

"Messias" - Bok online

Read the book directly on the screen,  in over 40 languages. We get to follow Hamid with his muslim friend Ahmed, studies the Bible.

New faith network

Is a streaming service with Christian movies and series. It is free from advertising.

Open doors

Our persecuted siblings tell us. See our last two video clips from the field below. You can also download and use them in gatherings and services. 

Operation mobilisation - Om

With more than 5,000 Workers from 134 nationalities, they work In over 147 countries. For over 60 years, charity has been reaching out.

Ptl ministris

Tommy and Karen Lilja have crusades, foster homes for trafficking victims, web TV and conferences.

Underground curch in Kristineberg

See Christ in the mine. The picture came of Christ came out during an explosion in 1946. Page where you get information about guided tours.

Youth With A Mission - YWAM

YWAM trains and sends young people on missions. They have apprentice schools in six locations in Sweden.

women of worth - wow

WOW is a work really towards girls and women of all ages. We want every woman to get to know Jesus as her savior, Lord and friend.


Link rekommendations - Christian websites

Christian websites to choose in ABC order. Here you can deepen your faith and get inspiration in everyday life. A large selection of websites about faith, God and Jesus.

These links go to English language pages. Sometimes you can find more language choices on the page.

Christian websites for everyone
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