About Bibeln.tv

It brings me great joy to make this Christian website - bibeln.tv. That talks about Jesus and you can in a easy way find fresh Christian programs. It started with a Christian website for children and others with a child's mind - seriebibeln.com. Where you can find movies with a Christian message and fun things like crafts, recipes and so on. We saw a need for a website for young people and adults and that's how bibeln.tv came to be.

What is bibeln.tv?

Bibeln.tv is a independent Christian website. The purpose of the website is to make the Bible's message available in a simple way. The site is aimed at ordinary people.

Discover the fantastic world of faith and movies on our website, bibeln.tv! Explore the Christian selection of movies. It is a wide variety of inspirational movies that will touch your heart and deepen your spiritual journey. From dramas to inspiring documentaries, there's something here for everyone. Sit back and enjoy a unique collection of movies that convey the message of hope, comfort and love.

Bibeln.tv vision

A website with Christian movies

  • Reach out to people 
  • Present Jesus 
  • Modern language 
  • Entertaining content about faith

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      Responsible for the site is - Maria Nilsson, Dalbackavägen 47, 945 92 Altersbruk

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