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lissen to the bible

The audio bible - Swedish

The audio bible is a audio book that listen to. Easy-to-understand and read in inspiring way. Listen to the Living Bible with different editions. Therefore it does not follow "Handbok för Livet" exactly. You can also download episodes as audio files completely, free of charge.

the word for t0day - Swedish, norwegian, danish, Greenlandic

"The word for today" is a Bible verse with an easy-to-read commentary. Let yourself be built up and inspired by this pamphlet. When you read it online, you can choose between Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Greenlandic.

bible online - swedish

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Bible online - read directly on the screen. "Folkbibeln", Bible 2000, 1917 Bible, The Living Bible, Karl XII's Bible and "Handbok för livet" you can read it here in Swedish. 

Bibel 2000, Karl Den XII:s, 1917 års bibel

Bibel 2000, with comments from "The Bible Society".  You can also read 1917 Bible, Karl XII's Bible. The site also include reading advice, fact section and search function.

folkbibeln online

Folkbibeln online with free text search, chapter and verse search is available on your screen. It is an alternative to Bible 2000 and is considered by the publishers to be more faithful translation to the original text.

1917 års bibel

1917:års bibel, is also called Gustaf V's Bible. The name comes from the year of publication and is confirmed and approved by the king. The Bible has more off an old Swedish text.

The living bible - swedish

The Living Bible, is translated into Swedish in a simple modern language. Som versions have very good comments to help the reader.

Bible online

Now you can read the Bible online! Discover digital versions of different translations. Choose between reading the Bible on the screen and the phone or listening to the Bible. Whether you are a believer or a curious explorer, our online Bible will bring you closer to God's Word. 

You can easily explore the Bible online by quickly scrolling through the books and search for specific verses with just a few clicks. With an user-friendly platform, you can easily and smoothly immerse yourself in the world of the Bible. The Bible is actually a collection of a lot of books. Despite its old age, the Bible still exists today and new translations come with modern language. The words of the Bible still mean a lot to those who read it and that is why it still exists today. 

The bibel came to the people with the art of printing. There, Gustav Vasa was a strong advocate that the Bible should be available to everyone. If we go forward to our time, was "The 1917 Bible" was the main bible in the 20th century. However, in the late 1900s and early 2000s, other translations began to appear. It was the "Living Bible", "Bibel kommisionens översättning" in 2000 and a few years later "Svenska folkbibeln".

Bible online & Audio bible

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  • The audio bible
  • Handbook for life
  • Lissen to the bible
  • Bibel 2000
  • 1917 års bibel
  • The living bible
  • Karl XII´ bible
  • The word for today
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