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Christian travel in Sweden, especially the northern part of the country. You will also find rekommendations from other country´s; Finland, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Germany. In a special way, each of the travel tips has a Christian content. Travel tips that are very attractive excursion destinations to visit and some provide guided tours. We have expanded this page with eight different categories; Nicolaus Rungius priest in Kemi, Kristineberg´s mine, church towns, Israel, Elida, road churches in six country´s and Christian camp farms and hotels in Sweden.

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Nikolaus rungius - priest in kemi

Nikolaus Rungius lived in the 17th century but his body is still in Kemi. One of Northern Finland's biggest attractions. The church is open summertime.

The Christ image in Kristineberg mine

Guided tour of the Underground Church in Kristineberg's mine. A picture of Christ was shown in the rock wall during an explosion in 1946.

CHURCH TOWN - Norrfjärdens & Öjeby

Church cottage life in the church town. The visitors had small houses, beetween the churches in the north, so they could go to the serment.  

Christian Camp Farms And Hotel

Christian course farms, campsites and camp farms all over Sweden. Here you can spend the night, eat and get spiritual food for your soul. Website in 5 languages

Road churches

A roadside church is not only found in Sweden, but it is an international concept. Here you will find street churches in the north, Estonia and Germany.


Traveling to Israel under Christian auspices is like walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Israel is a modern country, the historical places from the Bible remain. 


Meet with the boat Elida - the sailing church. During the summer, the boat docks in ports and has music, testimony of Christian faith.

boltzius Museum

The Boltzius museum in Karlstad, Värmland. Fredrik August Boltzius was a swedish healing preacher who became knowned during the end of the 19th century.

christian travel in sweden

Take the opportunity to visit places that have been important to God's kingdom throughout history. Here you have Christian travel tips when planning your next trip.

Visit places where miracles happened, roadside churches, historical places, church towns, visit places where you can build your faith. You can stay at christian campsites, hostels or hotels.

Take our tips with you as a travel guide through your road trip. Remember to check opening times and to book tickets where necessary.

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  • Nikolaus Rungius - Priest in Kemi
  • Christ image in Kristineberg´s mine
  • Norrfjärdens & Öjebyns churchtown
  • Christian camp farms and hotel
  • Road curch
  • Israel
  • Elida
  • Boltzius museum
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