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Christian movies that are in english, where you can select subtitles in other languages. Good christian movies in various categories; biblical films, family movies, The Story of Jesus, christian movies with subtitles, movies based on a true story, christian children's movies and movies to watch on YouTube. It is a film with a clear christian message, but also films with a good plot, e.g. the feel-good films. 

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English - select subtitles to your language.

Christian movies with subtitles

Christian feature films in a large selection of movies to watch online. Drama that touch on christian faith.

Biblical movies

Biblical movies about how it happened in the Bible. Watch film about Jesus, Samson, Ruth, Magdalene, Esther, Paul and David.

Christian family movies

Christian family movies that are in a playlist with quite a few to choose from. After much searching, I present some family film.

The Story of Jesus

"The Story of Jesus" is a movie about Jesus that depicts t life of Jesus. We get to follow his life, from his birth to the end.

movies based on a true story

Christian movies based on reality, dramas about life. We will follow the lives of different people based on true storys.

Feel-good movie

Take the opportunity to enjoy your time off and watch good movies. Here you will find feel-good movies to enjoy. 

Christian Children´s movie

Discover a playlist of Christian children's movies "The Greatest Adventure". Suits children of different ages.

Christian movie youtube

Movies with a Christian message and other movies with good stories. Full movies in english collected in a playlist on youtube.

Christian christmas movie

Christmas movies with beautiful music, christmas feeling, touching stories. Sit back and watch our collection of christian christmas movies and see the christmas story of Jesus.

Christian easter movie

Take the opportunity to watch movies during Easter. Easter movies is about why we celebrate Easter. Easter is a Christian holiday that reminds us of Jesus' death and resurrection.

watch christian movies

Christian movies where you can be inspired by movies with a christian message! On our site you will find a wide range of touching and thought-provoking christian films that will take you on a journey through faith, hope and foregivness.

Capture the power of the stories of love, forgiveness and devotion with our christian movies. Whether you're looking for a experience, a moving drama or a deep dive into biblical stories, we've got something for everyone.

Categories of Christian Movies

  • Biblical movies
  • Christian family movies
  • The Story of Jesus
  • Christian movies with subtitles
  • Movies based on a true story
  • Christian children's movies
  • Christian movies - youtube
  • Christmas movies
  • Easter movies
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