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Två grannar berättar. Boktips på - kristen hemsida med film, bibel.

Två grannar berättar

Simon Ådahl
Örjan Armgren 

Be, så ska du få. Sök så ska du finna. Klappa på så ska det öppnas.

Matt. 7:7


Ny hemsida med kristet budskap. Kristen film och dokumentär, vittnesbörd, video, restips. Kristna länktips, suduko och givetvis bibeln online. 

En sida om Gud, Jesus och människor som möter honom - utseende spelar ingen roll.

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Kristen hemsida för barn

Seriebibeln kristen hemsida för barn! Här finns massor med kristen film, video, serier, pyssel, recept, målarbilder, kristna barnprogram och mycket mer... för alla som har barnasinnet kvar. 

Dagens sudoku nytt för varje dag att lösa.

Moody film - dokumentär med kristet budskap. Visar på Guds existens, bibelns trovärdighet och Jesus som Guds son genom vetenskap och fakta.

Moody Institute Of Science Videos

Moodys instutut är kända för att göra kristen dokumentär med fakta från vetenskap och natur. En av de mest kända filmerna heter Professorn och profeterna. Med farsinerade fakta visar dessa kristna videos på en underbar Gud. Moody kristna filmer hade sin höjdpunkt på 1980-talet men är fortfarande farsinerade att se om man kan blunda för modet som inte känns helt aktuellt.

Moody science Videos 

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 Signposts Aloft, Moody movie

Signposts Aloft

Discover how man's senses can be fooled in flight. See experiments that illustrate the problems pilots and astronauts face. Learn why man needs outside guidance from God, just as pilots need to place faith in their instrument panels.

 The cities of bees, Moody movie

The City of the Bees

In the city of bees you'll learn how these amazing insects live and work. And you'll be amazed at the harsh law of the hive, which has no place for sick or unproductive members. Finally, you'll learn why God's design for human relationships is vastly different from His system for bees.

 Dust or Destiny, Moody movie

Dust or Destiny

In Dust or Destiny, you'll marvel at some of the world's most astonishing natural wonders. And learn how each of them gives fervent testimony to the fact that this planet was not formed from ordinary dust. But from the loving hands of a living God.

 Electric el, Moody movie,

Electric El 

The electric eel lives in the fresh waters of the Amazon Basin. It can give an electrical discharge capable of killing a horse. This eel can locate fish by means of "radar," then captures its prey by knocking it out with a violent shock of electricity. In Experience With an Eel, Dr. Moon demonstrate the eel's electrical shocking power. The study of the electric eel helps to answer many questions concerning the relationship of science and the Word of God.

 Experience With an Eel, Moody movie

Experience With an Eel

Dr. Moon and his assistants demonstrate the shocking power of the electric eel, which lives in the fresh waters of the Amazon Basin. The eel can discharge an electrical impulse capable of killing a horse. The study of the eel helps to answer many questions concerning the relationship of science and the Word of God.

 God of the atom, Moody movie

God of the atom 

Energy, the equivalent of mass; a radical conception, key to the atomic age. The idea expressed in E=MC² is actually quite simple. But it has caused a great revolution in scientific thinking. It means any object, a desk, a pencil, a piece of paper, just any bit of matter represents an unbelievable amount of energy. God of the Atom addresses man's spiritual bankruptcy and his need for

 Living With The Atom, Moody movie,

Living With The Atom

In "Living With The Atom" the viewer learns about the discovery of the atom, its structure, its energy, and tests with atomic and hydrogen bombs.

 Of Books and Sloths, Moody movie,

Of Books and Sloths 

The sloth is nature's champion sluggard, one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. As recently as a century ago, the sloth was regarded as a "blunder of nature." To capture this story, the Moody Institute of Science did research in the laboratory and in the jungles of Panama. Reacquaint yourself with the dependability and accuracy of the Scriptures as compared with man's writings.

 Prior claim, Moody movie

Prior claim 

We often credit humans with basic inventions such as hunting traps or the trap-door, but what of animals who had these designs built in? The Venus fly trap, among others, has been setting her victim's traps for centuries, given this unique method by the original inventor! Here you'll see many different animals that reflect modern day ingenuity and attest to the creativity of God's design, and realize that not only does God have prior claim on man's cleverness and skill, but also upon our very lives.

 Red River of Life, moody movie,

Red River of Life 

Our bodies contain an incredible network of rivers and tributaries. In Red River of Life, you'll see what makes your blood, your lifeline, carry its precious cargo of oxygen to every corner of your body. And more importantly, you'll learn how the shed blood of Jesus Christ is the source of life in the Spirit.

 Empty cities, Moody movie,

Emty cities 

Fascinating information on the probability of Biblical events happening exactly as foretold in the Bible. You will be surprised!

 The Mystery of the tree clocks, moody movie,

The Mystery of the tree clocks 

Three separate laboratory experiments are set up for three different "timepieces"...a cicada, the human brain, and reacting chemicals. Somehow or another, these "clocks" know when it is the right time to fulfill their roles. Looking from wonders such as these in the natural world, an application is made to the spiritual realm, showing us that although God has given man freedom to make choices, we cannot control the ramifications of our actions.

 The Proffessor and the Profhets

The Proffessor and the Profhets 

Did the Bible prophets speak by divine authority or from imagination? What are the chances that a person could "guess" the future? Porfessor Peter W. Stoner applies the principles of mathematical probability to prophecies concerning Babylon, Jerusalem, Tyre, and Petra and uncovers amazing facts concerning the authorship of the Bible.

 Time and Eternity, Moody movie

Time and Eternity 

Time has always fascinated us humans; we've looked for ways to stop it, reverse it, and control it, all to no avail. Watch experiments performed using high speed and time-lapse cameras as Dr. Moon explains the mystery of time. Eternity is viewed as a fact of time by nearly all; hear how we thus need forgiveness since we'll be facing an absolute problem before an infinite God. Spanish track included.

 Voice of the deep, Moody movie,

Voice of the Deep  

Time has always fascinated us humans; we've looked for ways to stop it, reverse it, and control it, all to no avail. Watch experiments performed using high speed and time-lapse cameras as Dr. Moon explains the mystery of time. Eternity is viewed as a fact of time by nearly all; hear how we thus need forgiveness since we'll be facing an absolute problem before an infinite God.

 Windows of the Soul, Moody movie,

Windows of the Soul 

Philosophers have wrestled with the question for ages-how do we really know our five senses are telling the truth? None of us have seen the scent of an onion, nor heard a soundless whistle, yet obviously these things 'exist'. Windows of the Soul answers these questions and more through humorous and interesting experiments.

 The Mystery of Time, Moody movie,

The Mystery of Time 

Time Lapse & Stop Motion Photography Video. The ideas of Time & Space are explored. Scientists use a "time microscope" or a camera running at 3000 frames per second to help explain time. This film is worth it just for the fact that they film drops of milk splashing in slow motion and put dramatic music over it. 27 Minutes. The elemental concepts of the theory of relativity are demonstrated. A science film about time and space. The marvels of science provide the visible evidence of a Divine plan of creation.

 Where the water runs, Moody movie,

Where the Water Runs

As a roaring river, it rushes over rapids and falls. It drops from the sky in delicate snowflakes, and pounds the ground in hailstones. It fills our ice trays and provides power for electricity. Water is the vital compound we need for life. Take a fresh look at this natural resource and you'll find out why ice floats when most frozen substances sink. And how God's supply of Living Water is the difference between spiritual life and death.

 Hidden treasures, Moody movie,

Hidden Treasures

Explore the intricate beauty of a simple snow crystal! Swim the crowded ocean within a single drop of seawater. Marvel at a dessert flower too tiny for the sharpest eye to see. Finally, you'll learn how the greatest treasure of all is to meet the Creator of all you behold and know Him as your own heavenly Father.

 Journey of Life, Moody movie,

Journey of Life

Watch as a tiny seed battles impossible odds for survival, and see God's impeccable design for plant growth at work! Just as God has a plan for the vegetation of the earth, so does He have a plan to root the Gospel in our hearts. We're urged to examine God's plan for our lives, looking beyond the daily struggles we must endure-much like the seed-looking instead for the promise of Heaven.

 God of Creation, Moody movie,

God of Creation 

Take a journey from the reaches of space to the microscopic worlds found with a drop of water. Watch a flower bloom and a caterpillar transform into a butterfly. Through it all, learn anew the power of our God of creation. This all-time Moody favorite explores the power and beauty of the universe we live in. You'll see the food "factories" that plants use. And you'll peer through a telescope into the vast reaches of space, while you ponder the God who put the galaxies in place.

 Facts of Faith, moody movie,

Facts of Faith

In Facts of Faith you'll watch one million volts of electricity blaze through a man's body. And witness a whole series of sophisticated experiments all designed to demonstrate some powerful spiritual truths, such as, what faith is and how you can have it.

The Ultimate Adventure, Moody movie,

The Ultimate Adventure

Scorching sun, danger, and injury. Dick Ewing faced all of this and more when he became one of the first men to cross the vast expanse of the Sahara desert on a motorcycle and survive. In the process, he confronts a life and death struggle and a dramatic encounter with God. Dr. Moon interviews Dick as the adventure is re-enacted.

Invisible forses, moody movie,

Invisible Forces 

Dr. Moon demonstrates some invisible forces you cannot see but are REAL.
Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not there.

book of books, moody movie

Book of Books 

A different Moody Bible Filmstrip from 1955 - this one is a brilliant overview of the Bible. 14 min


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