Road Church

Road church and summer church are open during the summer. Street churches are not only found in Sweden, but it is an international concept. Here you will find roadside churches in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Germany. So keep an eye out for the roadside churches, there is usually a sign. The road churches is always open daily so you can look at the church. What is offered in road churches may differ between different countries. In Sweden, it is the church itself that is shown, there is someone to talk to, you can borrow a toilet and every day there is a devotion. Sometimes café and other activities is offered.

Road church in different countries

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Road church in sweden

Road church is signposted with a yellow-green sign. Open at least 5 days/week, toilet, staff to talk to, daily devotional and coffee.

Road Church in Finland

Road church - Tiekirkko, white sign with church silhouette. Open 11-16 daily during the summer. Good map with symbols of what is on offer.

road church in norway

Road Church - Veikriko, are fewer than in Finland but there are about 50 of them. They are open 5 days/week and offer some service. Go to to database.

Road Church in dEnmark

Road church - There are over 400 road churches in Denmark. Over 200 can be visited with bicycle. There are also pilgrimage routes. Pdf map.

Road church in Germany

The Autobahnkirche and the very idea of a road church started in Germany. They have 40 road churches in wide highways, blue sign. Open 8-20 daily. Good map.

Road church in estonia

Road church - Teeliste kirikud. In Estonia there are over 200. Good page in english with links to the various churches. Some churches offer accommodations.

Road Church in Sweden

Road church to discover in Sweden and other countries. Visit and see different churches. Each church is, of course, formed by the place and the people who live or lived there. 

A road church is a summer church located by a road. It is open to visitors and road users. Road churches have devotions daily, access to toilets and catering. 

Summer church as an activity can be a summer group that has an outward-oriented summer program. It is then that people are out singing, preforming dramas, testifying and participating in various ways during the summer season. The summer church in different places is local designed. It is aimed at people of different ages, children, young people or adults.

Road church in different languages

  • Sweden - Vägkyrka or Sommarkyrka
  • Finland - Tiekirkko
  • Norway - Veikriko
  • Denmark - Vejkirker
  • Germany - Autobahnkirche
  • Estonia - Teeliste kirikud
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